JMT sells the World's Best Sight Tools.

The NEW JMT Mk lll Mod l  "Xtream Duty" sight pusher is a heavy duty tool for moving very tight sights.  

Though originally designed for 1911 and S&W autos, it works on most pistols with flat slides and dovetail sights, including: Glock, HK, XD, M&P, including the Shield, Ruger, and Taurus.  Those with slide mounted safeties must have the levers removed.

The JMT Mk lV is a similar tool for slides with safety levers, that works with all models that are covered by the JMT Mk lll.  For odd-shaped slides, such as the XDm, the JMT Mk V is currently being tested and patented.

For S&W M&P pistols, use our optional set of push pins ($12) for the stair-step rear sight.  They also are nice to have with Novak rears, but not essential.
Shipping is $6.10 insured by USPS insured Priority Mail to the United States and possessions.  Time to ship is typically 7-14 days. 

To place a credit card order directly, just call 205-533-2033.  Discounts available for volume orders. Please inquire.

For orders by postal mail, send check or Postal MO to:

Ed Jennings
1213 15th St.
Pleasant Grove, AL 35127

Foreign orders or fitment questions, click "Contact Us" for additional information.