The JMT Mk lll Mod l  "Xtream Duty" sight pusher is a very heavy duty tool capable of moving very tight sights. It will work with most pistols with flat slides and dovetail sights. Though it was originally designed with the 1911 and S&W autos in mind, it will work on a wide range of other guns. Glock, HK, XD, M&P, including the Shield, Ruger, and Taurus to name a few. Obviously, those with slide mounted safeties must have the levers removed. The Mk lV is a similar tool with provisions to allow use on slides with safety levers. It also works with all models that are covered by the Mk lll. For odd shaped slides, such as the XDm, the Mk V has been designed and is currently being tested and patented.
To order, email sales@sightpushertool.com    Cost is $65 for the Mk lll and $90 for the Mk lV which includes insured shipping to the United States and possessions. Foreign orders inquire regarding availablity and shipping. Shipping is by USPS insured Priority mail. Go to "contact us" for additional information or ordering instructions.
If you have problems contacting us, email to:edjs47 AT charter DOT net. Having some issues with the website email system. 1/2/15 The email system seems to be working now. Contact forms still not being forwarded.
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