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Shipping and Availability

Effective March 15, 2024, Shipping costs will be included in all pricing. You may have noticed price increases, and this is the reason.

Effective October 19, 2023, the Mk V will be at least temporarily discontinued.  I will be searching for an alternate source of complete frames, or alternately a source of frame material. i may even try switching to aluminum for frames. Anyway, I am in the process of completing the last known frame. WE WILLCONTINUE TO PRODUCE THE MK lll and MK lV tools, as well as all the accessories.  

With the assistance of a customer who works with Ruger .22 pistols, I have developed a sight pusher that will work with these round receiver guns. While it is a variation of the Mk lll design, it operates somewhat differently. The customer, who does sight work on these guns, tells me that there is currently nothing on the market that  will work on these pistols. My test and evaluation model has been tested and apparently works pretty well. Like all my products, it will be subject to a program of continuous evaluation and improvement. I have pictures of the prototype and will post in the sales area. Any questions or comments, please contact me by phone or email.



The NEW JMT Mk lll Mod l "Xtream Duty" sight pusher is a heavy duty tool for moving very tight sights. The Mk lll is now being produced with a powder coated frame for added durability as well as looking a whole lot nicer.

Though originally designed for 1911 and S&W autos, it works on most pistols with flat slides and dovetail sights, including: Glock, HK, XD, M&P, including the Shield, Ruger, and Taurus. Those with slide mounted safeties must have the levers removed.


The JMT Mk lV is a similar tool for slides with safety levers, that works with all models that are covered by the JMT Mk lll. For odd-shaped slides, such as the XDm, the JMT Mk V is currently being tested and patented. Though not yet pictured, the Mk lV is now being powder coated also. There is a slight price increase to cover this cost. 

OUT OF STOCK   No backorder

The JMT Mk V is a completely new design which allows its use on pistols with odd shaped frames such as the XDm. It incorporates a unique suspension system to hold the slide, and can be used with existing JMT accessories, such as the M&P pin set. Needless to say, it also works with traditional slides as well. The frames are made from heavy wall steel tubing that has been powder coated. The swiveling screws that contact the slide are made from Delrin to help protect the finish.

Round to Square adapters

These square adapters fit the standard 3/16" push pins. There are two sizes, 5/16" and 1/4". The 5/16 fits most rear sights including the S&W M&P line. The 1/4" fits the Novak cut front sight, as well as the Kimber front and rear sight.  $15 for a set of two. Fits all JMT pushers that use 3/16" (.187) push pins.

Square Adapters

3/16" round to square jackscrew set for S&W front

This smaller adapter will fit S&W front sights, as well as some other makes with small dovetails. Comes with its own jackscrew and 2 different length pins. Fits all current JMT pusher models that utilize 3/8-16 jackscrews.

For S&W M&P pistols, use our optional set of push pins ($15) for the stair-step rear sight. They also are nice to have with Novak rears, but not essential. Effective immediately the "pin set" has been redesigned and replaced with a set of round to square adapters which perform the same function. There is a set of two adapters, 5/16" and 1/4". These adapters are more versatile  and will fit both front and rear sights on most "Novak style" sights. The 1/4" adapter will fit Kimber front and rear sights.  A 3/16 adapter will be necessary for S&W front sights. The 3/16" adapter will require a different jackscrew and pin size. This will be provided as a set at a cost of $18. The 1/4" and 5/16" adapters will fit any of the current jackscrews that utilize a 3/16" pin and can be used with the Mk lll, Mk lV , or Mk V tools.

We also offer plugs to replace the internal locks on S&W revolvers. They are available to fit K,L,N frames, or the J frame. These come in stainless or, blued carbon steel. Cost is $34.99 each.

Shipping is $9.00 insured by USPS Priority Mail to the United States and possessions. Time to ship is typically 1-2 days.

To place a credit card order directly, just call 205-533-2033. Discounts available for volume orders. 

Please inquire.

To place a credit card order directly, just call 205-533-2033. Discounts available for volume orders. 

Please inquire.

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